What should I bring?

driver's license icon

Driver's License

Please bring a driver's license or other official photo identification.

physician's referral icon

Physician's Referral

Don't have one? Contact Dr. Mims for more information.

imaging reports icon

Imaging Reports

Such as any X-Rays, MRI, CT, etc.

insurance card icon

Insurance Card

Please bring your insurance card, if applicable.

dance shoes icon

Dance Shoes

Please bring your dance shoes, if applicable.

athletic shoes icon

Athletic Shoes

Please bring your athletic shoes, if applicable.

What should I wear?

clothing icon

Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Loose, comfortable clothing with the treatment area able to be exposed.

socks or shoes icon

Socks and/or Sneakers

Socks are required for pilates equipment, sneakers are required for the gym.

Can I use my insurance for PT?